Call for Modules

for the

Austrian Corona Panel Project

Eligible to apply:

Academic researchers (only)


Rolling submissions

The project team of the Austrian Corona Panel Project ( invites researchers to submit proposals for modules to be included in the ongoing online panel survey on the Corona crisis. Apart from the accepted modules, the study will contain a core questionnaire in order to ensure comparability over time. The data collection of the Austrian Corona Panel Project started end of March 2020 during the Austrian Corona lockdown and weekly surveys have been conducted since then (ca. 1.500 respondents/wave, mean duration of interviews: ca. 20 minutes).

Proposals should be short in length but must contain:

  • A working title
  • The name(s) and email address(es) of the corresponding author(s)
  • A brief abstract summarizing describing the main goals and purpose of the proposal (no more than 150 words)
  • The wording of the questions, ideally already translated to German (max. ~ 2-3 minutes = ca. max. 12-18 items)
  • Consent that the data will be made available to the scientific community
  • OPTIONAL: planned publication activities

Proposals can include new questions and/or can request that questions from previous waves will be repeated. Please note that we cannot accept proposals including open-ended questions, survey experiments or requiring complex programming (e.g. conjoint experiments). The questionnaires so far can be found here (in German):

The proposals will be evaluated by members of the Austrian Corona Panel Project team. The evaluation criteria include the practical and theoretical relevance for the study of the corona crisis, the quality of the instruments, and the fit into the overall scope of the study. Acceptance of modules/questions may be made conditional to a revision of the proposal.

Proposals for modules must be submitted by email using the submission form:


Please send the form to:


Acceptance notifications will be sent out in due course. For further questions, please contact: