Consumption of misinformation and disinformation

Sophie Lecheler, Jana Laura Egelhofer

In this chapter, the authors summarise the available theoretical and empirical literature on both actual and perceived consumption of misinformation and disinformation. The literature on the consumption of mis- and disinformation is a moving target, with new studies emerging at a fast pace. Specifically, the salience of the threat of being exposed to misinformation and disinformation can lead to perceived consumption: that is, citizens' own estimation of how much misinformation and disinformation they themselves and others are exposed to. Because of the increasing political divide in many Western democracies and the close current link between 'truth' and partisan ideology, the authors propose that any study on the consumption of misinformation and disinformation must focus on a dual model of consumption as described earlier. Importantly, however, actual consumption goes hand in hand with the perceived consumption of disinformation and misinformation. In addition, it helps explain a rising relativism of facts among citizens when mediated communication is concerned.

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