Welcome to 'Vienna Center for Electoral Research'

The research center 'Vienna Center for Electoral Research' (VieCER) was established in September 2017 as a sub-unit of the Faculty of Social Sciences. VieCER is headed by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Müller (Department of Government). Univ.-Prof. Sylvia Kritzinger (Department of Government) and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hajo Boomgaarden (Department of Communication) are the deputy heads of VieCER. Researchers of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics are also involved in the Center.

Due to the methodological and theoretical diversity of electoral research, researchers from four departments of two faculties of the University of Vienna, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics, work together within VieCER.


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The AUTNES Comparative Study of Electoral Systems Post-Election Survey 2017 (SUF Edition) of the Austrian National Election Study (AUTNES) is now...


The VieCER PhD Club kindly invites you to the Guest Talk by Will Lowe on December 18, 2018.



Deadline: December 1st


From November 1st James WILHELM is working as postdoctoral researcher within the project 'RECONNECT - Reconciling Europe with its Impacts in...


The VieCER PhD Club kindly invites you to the Guest Talk by Rens Vliegenthart on November 21, 2018.


VieCER PhD Club: New dates 2018/19

The Vienna Center for Electoral Research invites all PhD students working on elections and political communication to present their work at the...

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