The psychological influence of dating app matches: The more matches the merrier?

Marina Frederike Thomas, Alice Binder, Jörg Matthes

Swipe-based dating apps characteristically provide quantitative social feedback in the form of mattches. Surveys suggest a link between dating app success and well-being, but the nature of this correlation has yet to be examined. In an experiment with 125 undergraduate women, we manipulated dating app feedback: When accepting a profile, participants had either a high (27/31) or a low chance (3/31) of receiving matches. We found no effect of chance of matches on women’s loneliness or fear of being single. However, a higher chance of matches led to higher partner choice overload. Furthermore, in those who accepted seven or more profiles, women in the low chance of matches condition reported higher loneliness than women in the high chance of matches condition. This could mean that matches are rewarding for women with a high approach orientation. Manipulating social feedback in a dating app paradigm seems suitable to study the effects of social acceptance and ostracism.

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Austrian Fields of Science 2012
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