Mis-/Disinformation Security: Protecting EU Values and Democracies


Virtual Event – Date/Time: 12.2.2024, 18:30 CET

Not to be confused with misinformation, meaning inaccurate information, disinformation is false material meant to intentionally mislead or misinform individuals. Brought to the fore in 2016 with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, disinformation threatens to erode trust in democratic systems, weaken individual freedoms, and increasingly undermine governments around the world. While the U.S. has yet to make meaningful progress in addressing disinformation, Europe has moved forward with new legislation and initiatives. Join us for this session of Conversation on Europe in which we ask what steps Europe is taking to shore up EU values and counter disinformation.


  • Erica Edwards, Unversity of Pittsburgh


  • Ralitsa Kovacheva, Sofia University
  • Julia Partheymuller, University of Vienna
  • Elena Bruni, LUISS Gudio Carli (Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer)


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Foto: Angel Bena / pexels